Collateral & Asset Recovery & Repossession

Cameo Collateral & Asset Recovery & Repossession

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Download Massachusetts Affidavit of Repossession Form

Never worry about locating your property when you hire our Asset and Collateral repossession  services team based in Worcester,Massachusetts. At Cameo Collateral & Asset Recovery Service, we understand that recovering important equipment and vehicles can be a huge undertaking. With that in mind, our teams of specially trained drivers, pilots, and agents are diligent about making the process easier for you by actually getting involved in the process.

Our Recovery & Repossession Services

There is nothing that our team cannot find. As a licensed investigation agency and experts in light and heavy duty recovery, we not only employ the use of our own flatbed trucks in the recovery process, but also our investigation skills to ensure we do the job right and on time.

With our equipment, we are able to secure tractor trailers, box trucks, construction and heavy equipment, as well as large transportation crafts such as planes, boats, and pontoons.

Some of Our Fleet 

Contact us to always have what you

need on hand with the help of our repossession and courier services.

Section 13J: Repossession of collateral under a consumer credit transaction

Section 13J. (a) Subject to the provisions of this section a secured creditor under a consumer credit transaction may take possession of collateral. In taking possession the secured creditor under a consumer credit transaction may proceed without a prior hearing only if the default is material and consists of the debtor’s failure to make one or more payments as required by the agreement or the occurrence of an event which substantially impairs the value of the collateral, and only if possession can be obtained without use of force, without a breach of peace and, unless the debtor consents to an entry, at the time of such entry, without entry upon property owned by, or rented to the debtor.

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