-Welcome to Clandestine investigation-

What distinguishes Clandestine Investigation service from other agencies is the fact that  we offer superior skills and experience we have gathered and brought to this agency, from both the private sector and state and federal agencies.

Our team consists of a combined 50+years of law enforcement and investigation experience including: an insurance investigator.

We also have three special agents with advanced degrees in Computer Forensics, PhD Psychology, Business, Law and Finances..

Clandestine Investigations will conduct field Investigations and provide plain clothes security services throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We service all forms of Investigations including: Criminal & Civil court proceedings (We are CPCS Certified)Infidelity, Child Support, Vandalism, Nursing home and Day care abuse, Asset location and Background checks.

We are a Member in Good Standing with the

Licensed Private Detective Association of Massachusetts.


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