Boston comes to the aid of Houston…

.. and in the name of all the other cities around the globe who were there for us when Terror landed on our Marathon route.

 on ‘s #HelpforHouston donation drive; we want to pay it back after global support in wake of 

Houston is the country’s fourth largest city.  I’m proud of Boston’s support and quick response with aid.  Boston has sent boats, personal and equipment to help the people of another great city.

The Sheriff’s Department is asking you place towel or cloths on your doors or Mailboxes, this will signal you are in need of help.  The EMS call centers are handling a massive amount of calls.  They have gotten the “Q” (number of calls in line waiting) down to single digits.  Ten of thousands of calls for help and thousands of rescues have taken place.

They do ask if you call 911.. do not hang up.. first it will place you on the bottom if you call back.  Second, the operators have to call the number back and determine if its an emergency.  This takes up valuable time and resources.


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